Newton Farm House Investigation

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History of the Home

Back in 1856, a man by the name of Christian Herbolt, moved his family from Germany to Muscatine, Iowa, where he met then married his second wife. (He had five children before first wife died, then moved to USA.) They then settled at the farm later that same year. Christian and his 2nd wife then had 7 more children, giving them12 children altogether. In 1891 or 93, Christian had a farming accident (a fall off of a wagon), and suffered back and spinal injuries that caused him to perish 3 days later in the home. One of his sons then took over the farm at this time. They built an addition on to the home in 1895.


The boy was born deaf, and had been sent to deaf school, where he met his wife. They were married and had 9 children, all boys and all deaf. Only 8 of the boys survived, as one died in early infancy. The son and his wife raised their 8 children in the house as well.  They had dogs in the home that were trained “hearing” dogs. They stayed in the home until 1917, when a relative purchased part of the land including the house.


This relative and his wife moved in the home, and had a son. At some point the wife died in the home. He then remarried and had a daughter. While recovering from childbirth, the wife caught influenza, and was left paralyzed. 3 years later, after regaining some mobility, the wife gave the maid a week off. She and the daughter went upstairs to take a nap after lunch, and died shortly after due to the house catching fire.  The husband rebuilt the home after that and had several hired hands that lived on the property as well. This man and children stayed with the property until selling it to the client’s parents in 1959. The home has been in this family’s possession since. In February of this year, the house caught fire and the client decided to not rebuild. The upper level of the home is burned and some of the lower level by the front door as the fire started in the closet right inside the door.


Across to the south, are Indian burial grounds, and just west of that, the Indians had camp (which one of the people living on farm did trade with them). Also a lake, school house, granges, and even a cemetery; aprox. a mile or so from the home.


Alleged Activity



**There are numerous accounts of an apparition of an older lady on the upper level of the home. 

** Numerous accounts of seeing apparitions of children in the barnyard and all over the home.



** Numerous accounts of people hearing horses whinney and stomp in the barnyard area when there are no horses on the grounds.

** Numerous accounts of people hearing children laughing and playing in the house and out in the yard.

** Numerous accounts of hearing footsteps on upper level.

** Numerous accounts of being “shushed” when being loud in the house.



** Always have the feeling of being watched.